I own two lines (different carriers), and one of them is currently on my Galaxy S4. I am thinking of purchasing another (open) android device to place the other SIM on. Since I have purchased apps from the Play Store, I wish to install them on the new android device as well.

Obviously, I have different contacts on each phones and I want to keep it that way. Will it be possible to have different sets of contacts under one google account?

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To my knowledge, there are at least two ways to achieve this:

  • use a different Google Account
    the most obvious variant. But probably not working for you, as you cannot transfer your payed apps to it
  • make use of contact groups
    create appropriate groups using GMail's web interface, splitting your contacts in your preferred way. Then on each device, select to only show the corresponding group. (see also How do I sync only “My Contacts” from Google on Samsung Galaxy S? and the questions in its "Linked" section). Though in this case all contacts are synced to both devices, you can chose to only show the preferred group on each.

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