So I started using Seesmic application to post on FaceBook and Twitter, but I have problem when uploading images in Twitter statuses.

If I use yfrog.com as service for uploading images in the settings, it uploads ok and adds the link. No problem.

But I don't like using yfrog because official twitter doesn't show the image normally if it isn't uploaded on official Twitter servers...

So I want to use the option Twitter or Twitpic for the image upload, but when I try to sent tweet with image using this settings it fails with this error:

"Cannot update status

The service provider cannot be reached. Please retry later."

So I try to Retry later.. but still won't work.

Anyone with same problem or solution? I tried Googling, but nothing helpful. Or is there any small app for twitter + facebook with official twitter image uploading that you would recommend?

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