I have a AT&T Galaxy SII running CM9 and primarily use my Google Voice number and all of the Google Voice integration on the phone. I'd like to be able to place a call using my native (non-GV) number. Is there any way that I can place a call without using Google Voice?

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Not sure if you mean you still want to use GV services, but with your phones' native number? Or do you mean you want to completely circumvent using GV sometimes?

If you meant still use GV, but with your native number:

Voice->Settings->This phone's number

Then just choose your phone's native number (you're still using GV services, but caller-id will show your phone's number, not your GV number).

If you meant completely circumvent GV and use your phone as if GV wasn't installed:

Voice->Settings->Making calls.

choose either Do not use Google Voice to make any calls or Ask every time I make a call

  • It was the second option I was looking for, circumventing GV completely for some calls. I had been hunting through the system settings and dialer settings and not finding the proper option. Thanks! Jul 18, 2013 at 5:05

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