I have a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 which I bought 4 months ago....love it! Decided to add an external SD card......so I bought a 16 G. After a couple of weeks, I got a notification "SD Card Removed Unexpectedly!" Of course I never removed the card but I could not get the tablet to recognize my SD card. In doing research, I noticed that the instruction said I need a Class 10 card, so not being sure I had a class 10, I went out and bought a 32 G Class 10. Worked beautifully for a week and the error returned......intermittently In turning on the tab, I never know if the message is there and I can see the card on my tab (at times).....other times I can't.

If I put the SD card in a reader connected to my PC, it is fine. I complained to Samsung and they said I can return it for repair since it is under warranty. Do anyone know if Samsung CAN repair this problem? I don't want to waste the money or time if it is not going to do any good..... Also have anyone discovered a fix or cause of this problem?


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The problem is withe SD Card slot on the device. Return your device to SAMSUNG for repair or replacement.

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