I want to install Cyanogenmod on my HTC One x+. In the Official Website there is no official release for HTC One X+. Can I install from the HTC One X Version or the HTC One XL Version ?? and there is an Unofficial release for HTC One X+ Cyanogenmod or should I install this version ?? Is there any particular reason or defect why Cyanogen didn't release one officially for HTC One X+ ??

Can you please give me the way to Install Cyanogenmod on my Phone ?? I'm a Newbie

  • Similar question here: Can I install Google Edition Android on an HTC One X+? ("Google Edition" refers to the HTC One X without the +). Besides, same author: Krishna, this is a general rule. So you don't need to re-ask it for each other ROM you might find. It's different hardware, so the answer is always "No".
    – Izzy
    Jul 18, 2013 at 15:05

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The HTC One X version won't work on the HTC One X+, so if you want to install Cyanogenmod, it'll have to be the unofficial build you link to.

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