I have just bought a samsung galaxy tablet 2 (7.0) for my 6 year old son. He loves it but I am extremely worried that he may inadvertently access the wrong websites.

The tablet is a wi-fi version and I can switch off the internet connection but many educational games recommended by his school require a wi-fi connection.

What are some key things that I can do to ensure adequate parental control when he is using the tablet?

The android version is 4.0.1. I am unsure if this can be upgraded but when I run the software update, it says that the tablet has the latest version.

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Android 4.3 which has been just announced comes with Multi-User With Restricted Profiles feature which

allows the tablet owner to have granular control over the other user accounts on the device.


You can also control other aspects of the device: mature content filtering, access to games and user-generated content, and even specific applications

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