I am searching for a way to block websites without having root access. Is there any way to do it? Any help will be appreciated.


Summed-up solution from above comments:

You can use a filtering proxy like e.g. FilterProxy, which lets you define what URLs should be blocked. To prevent other users from simply disabling the proxy then, you could protect it using an app locker like e.g. App Lock.


I wanted to point out another possible solution, since I had some inconveniences with FilterProxy. I now use DNS 66, which, conveniently, can also block ads, etc.

I just had to create my own hosts file myhosts.txt somewhere on my phone with the following entries: localhost
::1 localhost www.badwebsite1.com www.badwebsite2.com

You can install DNS 66 via F-Droid. And of course you can use an app locker to protect it, as described in the post by Izzy.

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