Recently I have flashed unofficial cyanogenmod 10.2 for my Nexus 4. After testing some features I the device came into a "bootloop" (stays on cyanogenmod logo launcher).

I tried to reflash it with cm 10.1 (wipe dalvik cache and /cache partition) but the same effect.

Now I have completed the adb backup but if I restore it I get the same effect as described above.

I can launch the device successfully on clear cm 10.1 but it won't boot after restore of my backup. What can I do now ?


Do not restore the full backup taken, but Restore only part of it. And do it "piece by piece", so if the error re-occurs you at least know where it comes from and can skip the faulty part.

Edit: As I was not fully clear about where I pointed to: Titanium Backup is capable of restoring parts from as well as backups.

  • While that is true, my answer there is still partly valid here (will update my answer to reflect that – sorry for confusion) – Izzy Aug 7 '13 at 20:23

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