I need an application that supports the following features:

  • offline map (no Internet connection)
  • bookmarks (POIs added by me from either my PC -> KML or in the app itself)

Since (Google) Maps doesn't currently support bookmarks, I use MapsWithMe Pro which does (along with offline maps).

I now need to import a GPX trace before going on a bike trip.

MapsWithMe doesn't support GPX yet, and failed importing KML files as converted with either GPSVisualizer or Gpx2Kml.

I then tried Locus Map Free and OsmAnd, but found them way too complicated for my need.

So... is there a way to simply display a GPX file in Google Maps on top of an offline map (no Internet connection available), or some other app that's a no-brainer to use?

Thank you.


What you want to achieve is working perfectly fine e.g. with Locus Maps, as I can say from my own experience. You can even use KMZ files − and if they are self-contained (i.e. all pictures etc. are inside the file, no external resources linked), you can even create your own travel guides (I did that, works like a charm). The offline maps can be selected and downloaded for free from inside the app as well.

  • Thanks. I gave Locus Maps a second try and it does look like what I was after, although its screen is busier than MwM. – Gulbahar Aug 9 '13 at 12:10

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