Non-programmer here. I've noticed recently a message popping up on my 4.1.2 Galaxy S3 running stock firmware (except I have root) build number JZO54K.T999UVDMD5. This was happening before I rooted it and before I installed DroidWall in an attempt to prevent any uncommanded activity. "Installation Failed" is what it says. I've also happened to have observed it restarting a few times when I was not touching it. I installed aLogcat today and set it to "Events" so that hopefully I will get more information. Any suggestions on how to learn more about what's up would be appreciated.

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    I don't think aLogcat will be able to work on your device since you're running JellyBean. Android stops apps seeing each other's log entries from 4.1 I think, if you convert it to a system app then it should work. – Peanut Aug 8 '13 at 16:31

Sorry for the irrelevant answer to the OP's question but felt a need to point out about aLogCat.

aLogcat seems broken at the moment under JellyBean (due to an additional introduction of permission READ_LOGS required for reading logs).

Just keep an eye out for the update soon (or flag the developer by starring the issue here).

If you fancy the alternative, try this version called CatLog found here on github, this has the permission in place to do so.

As for Droidwall, forget about that version - its old and obsoleted in favour of the more updated version AFWall+, the linky to the play store version is contained on the github page, alternative linky to F-Droid Repository here.

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