In stock (i.e. pure Google with no manufacturer customizations) Android 4.3 using the built-in camera app, I am using the geotagging feature of the camera app.

Description of the problem:

When the geotagging is turned on I don't see any GPS status in the notification bar. Previously when in the camera app on older version when geotagging is turned on I would see an icon appear in the notifcation bar. The icon that appears would indicate your GPS model is in use and a circle would indicate 'searching for GPS' and then the filled in circle would indicate 'GPS acquired and locked'.


When you enable geotagging in Android 4.3 built-in camera app, has the 'GPS searching/locked notification icon' been hidden even though GPS is being used?


The reason I ask is because the previous method is akin to a video camera's red blinking light . Where the red blinking light tells you that you are recording and then you can take appropriate action. Without the red blinking light on the video camera you would have all sorts of recordings when you didn't want and other problematic scenarios.

Returning back to the Android camera app scenario, if the GPS icon doesn't ever appear to the user... even if GPS is actively being used --> that would lead to situations where I would record the GPS location for a photo when I didn't want to record the GPS location.


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I've just tried on my Nexus 4 and it does show up, although very very briefly.

I had GPS turned on, took a photo and quickly opened the app switching 'menu'. I saw the GPS notification show up for about 1 second and then it disappeared. I guess this is because it quickly grabs your location and stores that with the image, and then "doesn't care" where you are so doesn't access your GPS location again until you take another picture.

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