My Galaxy Note with stock ROM had an option via Settings > Developer > Show touch points (or something like that). Now, I updated to CyanogenMod, based on Android 4.3 but I can't find an option similar to that anywhere.

My screen was damaged once. Since then, I needed to see the detected touch points on screen at all times, so I can see when the touchscreen gets stuck.

Is there an option (or even an app) for that? I Googled around and looked at the Play Store, but only found multi-touch tester apps. I need something that shows the touch points at all times and in all apps.


Looking a bit further I discovered that I have to click 7 times on Build number on phone details to enable the Developer settings.

  • I will, but I can only do it tomorrow (2 days after the question). Aug 19 '13 at 14:22

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