I have been using the the Hotmail app to check my emails. Recently I downloaded the Outlook.com app since it is advertised for better performance and I preferred it's layout over the Hotmail app.

It works fine with my home and office WiFi. But when I tried to use it with my data (3G) connection, it does not synchronize with the server. My email is on a .com domain I own. Also I cannot even download the attachments of the previously synced emails.

Is this a bug of the app or something is wrong with my device?

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This is an error with your network setting. Nothing is wrong with your device or the app.

  1. Goto Settings -> More Settings -> Mobile Networks

  2. Now go to Access Point Names

  3. Click your APN, (e.g. O2)

  4. Delete the Proxy and delete the IP Address within it, so it is "Not set"

This was solved in the Microsoft forums.

  • Thanks a lot boss! this is a life saver!! worked like a charm!!
    – SAM
    Aug 19, 2013 at 4:34

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