I just upgraded my cell phone to android 4.1.2. And I was shocked to see that there is no import/export option in my messages app. While in 4.1.1 there was the option of import/export.

My search for solution: I have tried many other apps for messages too, they all lack the import/export feature.

I then tried a new ROM of same version, 4.1.2! But again same results.

My Question:

Is there a ROM issue, or 4.1.2 does not allow this feature to import/export?

My cellphone: I am using Qmobile A8. I have tried ROMs by INCPak


If all you want to do is transfer your SMS messages to another device or back them up, use an app like SMS Backup & Restore- that allows you to import / export / back up your SMS messages for posterity.

It also allows a user to selectively pick and choose which conversations you want to backup or restore.


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