I have multiple copies of the same contacts on my phone, from the Google account associated, and phone contacts etc.

Eg., for a single contact I might have:

  • 2 copies on the phone
  • 1 copy on my Google account (synced)
  • another copy in some other location

This happened on my HTC Wildfire a year ago and now I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Is there a way I can merge all related contacts and delete the other extra copies? It'd be helpful if I could do this from my PC.

  • Just for clarification: Are all copies sync'd to your GMail account? Or are some just stored differently (e.g. on SIM or phone storage)?
    – Izzy
    Aug 26, 2013 at 6:26

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Remember: when creating a contact, you can decide where to store it. Usually, there are at least 3 choices: Google, SIM, phone.

If I read your question correctly, it looks like you have a copy in each of these places. In this case, Tirath's suggestion doesn't work, as GMail will only see what's sync'd there (and phone + SIM don't get sync'd). You then might want to take a look at apps like Contact Remover (to ease deletion of the duplicates), or Contact Remover Plus which also offers to merge or move them.


Merge + can link contacts from different accounts together.

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  • Sorry @Community Bot. I had exactly the problem described above, I tried 6 applications and one of them was Merge +, was the only one able to link accounts together, the other 5 apps removed duplicate informations, but did not link them together. I tried - Cleaner - Doppelte Kontakte zusammenfügen - Kontakte zusammenführen - Doppelte Kontaktverschmelzung - Duplicate Contacts Finder - Contact Optimizer Pro - Contacts Optimizer - Contacts Sync Fix - Doppelte Kontakte Remover Nov 2, 2021 at 11:11

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