I have multiple copies of the same contacts on my phone, from the Google account associated, and phone contacts etc.

Eg., for a single contact I might have:

  • 2 copies on the phone
  • 1 copy on my Google account (synced)
  • another copy in some other location

This happened on my HTC Wildfire a year ago and now I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Is there a way I can merge all related contacts and delete the other extra copies? It'd be helpful if I could do this from my PC.

  • Just for clarification: Are all copies sync'd to your GMail account? Or are some just stored differently (e.g. on SIM or phone storage)?
    – Izzy
    Aug 26 '13 at 6:26

Remember: when creating a contact, you can decide where to store it. Usually, there are at least 3 choices: Google, SIM, phone.

If I read your question correctly, it looks like you have a copy in each of these places. In this case, Tirath's suggestion doesn't work, as GMail will only see what's sync'd there (and phone + SIM don't get sync'd). You then might want to take a look at apps like Contact Remover (to ease deletion of the duplicates), or Contact Remover Plus which also offers to merge or move them.

  1. Login to your gmail.
  2. On left side you can see Gmail click on that and you will see contacts.
  3. Click on contacts and you will be able to manage all your contacts that are sync.

    NOTE : Use the email which you used in phone or one in which contacts are synced

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