I have Titanium Backup Pro with sync after backup option, but I don't want to sync to clouds, instead I want it sync backups to my PC via SMB. I also have Foldersync which supports SMB syncing but it works with scheduling only, what I need is syncing right after the backup procedure is done. Any suggestion ? Thanks


Suggestion: FolderSync does support Tasker, and Tasker supports file events. Idea based on a post:

To detect the arival of a new file, use "File Modified" but long press the folder instead of selecting a file within it. now tasker will monitor changes to the folder.

So: Use Tasker to monitor TiBu's backup directory. If Tasker detects changes, give it a wait for 5 minutes (which should allow TiBu to finish the backup), then let it trigger FolderSync to synchronize with your Windows share:

  • Condition:
    • Time → Between X and Z (optionally, to minimize battery consumption. X should be at least a few minutes before the scheduled backup, Z a few minutes after. Make sure that Z = the scheduled backup time plus the wait in below task plus some margin for the sync to complete)
    • Event → File Event → File Modified (select directory as described above)
  • Task:
    • Tasker → Wait (5 min, or whatever you feel best)
    • Plugins → FolderSync → (whatever the action is called there)
  • Good idea, but I can just schedule foldersync a few minutes after titanium backup. This is close but not exactly what I want, I need it know when the backup's done and sync automatically :)
    – JatSing
    Aug 28 '13 at 2:06
  • Sure it would be the simpler method to schedule it just a few minutes past the backup. But to know when the backup is done, that's a bit more tricky: you could use some variables, and a "multi-profile". One is watching that folder in 1-min-intervals, and increasing a variable whenever there's something changed. The other is watching that variable, triggers the backup when the var has not changed 3 times, and also resets that variable then. I'm just not sure if it's worth that trouble :)
    – Izzy
    Aug 28 '13 at 5:52

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