I have flashed new firmware on my phone TCL Idol X (s950) and now the phone won't boot anymore :(

  • It starts but then it ends up with the bootlogo.
  • I can access it with adb shell but it is read only mode.
  • Switch it off reboot the phone.
  • Recovery doesn't start.

How can I rescue it from the bootloop or get into recovery?


Solution that worked for me:

  • Connect the phone to the charger
  • Switch it off (10 sec press power button)
  • As soon as the led light up and the phone screen is black, disconnect it from the charger
  • The phone should remain off ( wait for 10 sec to be sure )
  • Connect again the charger and then unplug it after 5 sec
  • Now try to boot the recovery (power + volume up )

Once you are in recovery:

  • fix the permission to enable r/w on system.
  • Clean Cache and Dalvin Cache
  • if you need flash it again ( you can push file with adb )

Now the phone boots perfectly! I'm using lewa mod for reference.

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    remember to come back and mark your answer as correct so people searching later can find your solution. You also may want to talk a bit more about how and for what you changed the permissions. – jlehenbauer Feb 2 '14 at 20:52

I start flashtool on pc, choose scatter file, disabled preeloader, mobileinfo and userdatam, then press download

I take my phone in one hand and usb cable in another. press power button until screen is off and immediately insert usb cable. SPFlashtool will start the process.

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