In my Galaxy S2 I think that the accelerometer is not all right. When I play games like Asphalt 7 or Temple Run, the character in Temple Run and the Cars in Asphalt 7 always turn left even when my phone is straight.

I use this code *#0*# and check sensor> accelerometer> image test and it gives these results when I hold my phone horizontally and straight (not slanted):

x=25-30, y=55-60, z=9-10

(Even my auto-screen rotation does not work properly.)

I calibrated the gyroscope sensor, but it did not solve my problem.

What should I do?

(Android 4.1.2 XWLSW)


The problem is with your phone Accelerometer(not Gyroscopre). If it is not a hardware problem then Try Restart your phone. Go to "Settings"-> "Motion" -> "Sensitivity Settings" -> Calibration ->calibrate.
It automatically calibrates the screen and the gyro sensor.

IF the problem exist, backup all your things & Restore your phone to factory settings.

NOTE : Make sure you keep the device on a flat surface and phone screen facing upwards when calibrating the sensor as it gives better results.

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