Environment: running adb in command window on Windows XP PC running adbKonnect on Nook Simple Touch (rooted; running Android 2.1)

When I type

adb shell ls \sys

I get a list of the folders there.

When I type

adb shell ls \sys\module

I get an error that there is no such file or directory, even though it is listed in the first step. What's going on?


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Try adb shell ls -l /sys and check the output. Most likely, access to the /sys/module directory has limited access.

It doesn't matter that your device is rooted, when you're not using your root powers. To view the contents of "restircted directories":

# open a shell
adb shell
# obtain root permission
su -
# now access your target
ls -l /sys/module

When issuing the su -, you will have to approve a popup to confirm superuser access − at least on the first try. You then can tell your superuser/superSU app to remember your choice.

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