I have a HTC One V which is provided by 3 (www.three.co.uk) under contract.

I recently bought a Nexus 4 from Google Play because of the price drop, and I'm using my 3 SIM in the Nexus which is working fine.

I want to sell my old One V and know that I can do it a lot easier if the device is unlocked so it can be used on any network.

After looking around online, cellunlocker.net quotes me $14.99 for an unlock code and Three themselves quotes me £15. I've heard from some friends that they were able to get their phones unlocked for free, if so, how would I go about doing this?

I'd rather not fall victim to a marketing scam to get a code that I could get for free.


Your local independent phone repair shop or market trader will probably SIM-unlock your phone for around a fiver, or you can probably negotiate it as a free service if you're buying something else there. It's not quite free, but if you value your time at all, it's probably cheaper than faffing around trying to do it yourself.


Unlocking your HTC One for free may not unlock it permanently. So it would be better to pay someone else who would be able to unlock your phone for affordable rates.

I do not have any personal experience in cellunlocker so cannot comment on this.

I usually unlock phone with the help of Simpleunlocking.com and get free unlocking instructions with the help of Mobileunlockguide.com.


I recently searched for a free a unlock code but all seemed to be a scam. So I ended paying for my unlocking code to unlockcode4u.com which was really quick and worth it!!

I could have saved lots of time going straight to them.

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