am newbie for android.

I was looking for a printing solution on android which prints to a dotmatrix POS printer through USB.

I'm able to print some non readable symbols from android tablet (through some third party apps like printhand,printershare). These apps don't have driver for this cheap printer(TVS-RP45-Shoppe).

I have a 'PPD' file of the Dotmatrix POS printer.

I need to know how to install this PPD file into android.

similar to this >> usb otg thermal printer interface to android tab with usb device But I have the PPD file.

Andoid tablet MID ST-10 Karbonn smart tab - android ICS

printer TVS-RP45-Shoppe

Trying to print programmatically like usb interfacing. any help highly appreciated .

Thank you all.

  • Just a suggestion, printing over a network is a lot easier, especially if it is a cheap printer and you are having USB driver issues. If you can print over a network you should try that as an alternative if you can't get it to work over USB. – John Sep 5 '13 at 19:28
  • Thankyou john,But the user who about to use this would not have any network fecility, and they dont want bluetooth solution also which was printing something atleast. – ganesh Sep 6 '13 at 7:41
  • More over am very much interested in finding the usb solution since a newbie. Can you tell me will it work if I gain root access and install the PPD file for the printer? OR Can you suggest me a way to write a code which reads PPD file from SD card and prints through usb?. Which is possible? Thanks. – ganesh Sep 6 '13 at 7:59

My advice: Root your device first. Then copy that available PPD file into particular APPS driver location and proceed USB printing.


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