Can Tasker launch an app's shortcut as an action? I can't find "Shortcuts" as an option in the "Select Action Category"-dialog when creating a new task. This works without problems in Locale.

  • What do you mean by "launch an app's shortcut"? Do you mean, "can Tasker launch/start an app?"
    – Mr. Buster
    Sep 6, 2013 at 18:18
  • 3
    Apps can declare "shortcuts" (e.g. the SMS-app can declare a shortcut to its "Compose new text"-screen). The available shortcuts can be viewed if you long-press a free area of your homescreen and select "Shortcut" instead of "Widget". The "Locale" app can start these shortcuts (instead of the app), I'm asking if the Tasker-app can do the same.
    – Nick
    Sep 6, 2013 at 18:26

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Strangely, this does not appear to be possible in Tasker, by default. However, I see there is the AutoShortcut app on Google Play which is meant to allow it. Interestingly, Tasker itself will tell you about AutoShortcut (complete with a link to Google Play) if you press the magnifying glass icon when attempting to add a plugin action to a task (I'll update this answer with screen shots when I get around to it).

Theoretically, it should also be possible using the Send Intent action, but that seems way more complicated than should be necessary for such a simple task. If AutoShortcut doesn't work for you, let me know, and I can try to figure out what the Intent settings should be.

  • Thanks, Trebor! Yeah, I found it weird, too, especially since Tasker has a gazillion of "target" options, including shortcuts should be a pretty intuitive/basic choice. Thank you for the "AutoShortcut"-suggestion, this does indeed look very helpful. I'm developing an app that I want to integrate with Tasker, and it already has a number of shortcuts, so I didn't want to develop a standalone Tasker-plugin on top. I'll direct my users to the AutoShortcut-app.
    – Nick
    Sep 11, 2013 at 21:42

Seems like Secure Settings lets you launch shortcuts from Tasker in the same way as AutoShortcut but without all the annoying ads and nags. So I prefer using that method.

But neither method is really that great, I have a bunch of shortcuts they can't seem to launch.


My advice would be to switch to Automagic. What you're asking is a simple matter of selecting the "class" option in "Launch App." It gives you a complete list of available "shortcuts" to launch. Automagic has 90% of the functionality of Tasker, and requires fewer plugins. However, it will also use all the plugins Tasker can use. Also, the interface is a hundred times easier to learn.



In tasker there is a field data. When starting Chrome, one can fill in a url is this field and Chrom then starts with this url. I asume that othe apps will also react in a simular way.

Regards, Martin

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