What is the name of the flat port (that you use for charging) that comes with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? I bough a USB keyboard and I'm looking forward to buy an adapter for it.

I'll attatch some images of the port I've found on the internet:

enter image description here enter image description here


If you're looking to buy a cable that you can use to attach a USB keyboard to that connector, then everywhere I've seen calls it something like a "30-pin Samsung socket", and the cables are called something like "30-pin to USB OTG adapter cable" or "USB OTG Adapter Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2", eg examples on Amazon.com, or on eBay.com.

Samsung themselves either seem to avoid naming the port when they're selling their official adapters and cables that plug into it, or just call it a "30 Pin": "Galaxy Tab Adapters" or "Galaxy Tab™ Data Cable (Charging) USB to 30 Pin"

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  • The Galaxy Tab 2 user manual merely calls it the "multifunction jack". Link is to the pdf file. See the diagram on page 17. – wbogacz Sep 11 '13 at 17:44

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