In TextSecure, you can choose to backup your SMS to the SDCard.

It says "Success" but there is no evidence where it does store it on the SDCard.

I cannot find it.

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Like Chahk said, the folder is /sdcard/TextSecureExport. I've had trouble accessing it (even after moving it) over the camera-centric USB interfaces.

I ended up compressing the file to a Zip archive using ES File Explorer and then using Google Drive to browse and upload the file. This also makes it easy to pull back down to a different device or after wiping memory.

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    I'd recommend encrypting it first before copying it to Google Drive (with something like APG) unless you're happy with Google seeing all of your "secure" text messages.
    – colan
    Sep 20, 2014 at 18:44
  • The backup is already encrypted by TextSecure, unless you back up with the option to not do that. Nov 14, 2014 at 2:44

The folder is located just in the base dir of your SDcard:


Since Textsecure is now called Signal, there is no extra folder. It is located directly in your SDcard home folder:


Note: sometimes the phone doesen't show the folder on your computer, then you could use a filemanager on your phone (like Ghost Commander) to move the backupped files into another folder that is visible on your computer.


My Android Signal app version 4.10.12 (date 2017/10/01) saves media of conversations in Device storage > Pictures.

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