The unlocked Google Nexus phones famously have the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature integrated right within the phone, and available for anyone's use, per my understanding, regardless of carrier support.

What about the tablets? Would the 2013 Nexus 7 LTE tablet have a similar feature, similarly not being tied up to any carrier?


Disclaimer: I do not own a Nexus. So the answer does come from internet sources (XDA).

As per this thread these are some of the responses from the owners which indicates that the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot settings is indeed present in the settings.

  1. The option for hotspot tether is there both before and after the system update.
  2. Nexus 7 FHD LTE with T-Mobile sim has Tethering & Hotspot available but not with newly activated AT&T data plan sim. The Tethering feature disappeared in setting. When I re-insert T-Mobile sim that comes with the tablet, the mobile hotspot is available again in the settings.

So, it is safe to assume, only if your carrier allows tethering or you have a tethering plan the option will appear in the settings menu.


I have a brand new Google Nexus 7 (2013) LTE tablet, bought directly at a computer shop (no carrier-related) and I can confirm, that it comes with Tethering & Hotspot option available by the default.

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