I am building an adhoc network using Asus Nexus 7. I've managed to root using CyanogenMod and ClockworkMod recovery and establish the adhoc after installing Thinktube image-file. However, i need to buy similar tablets so that i can test the network for real.

I am now trying to find out my Nexus 7 model number. But when i go to Settings-->About Tablet-->Model Number, All I can see is Nexus 7.

how can I find the Model of my Tablet ?


The XDA Wiki entry of the Nexus 7 only mentions two models:

  • Wifi Model: ME370T
  • Cellular Model: ME370TG

So if you have a functional SIM card slot then you have the cellular Model, otherwise the wifi-only one.

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  • thanks .. before I wasn't know the difference between ME370T and ME370TG.. – McLan Sep 23 '13 at 10:15

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