I have HTC One (model PN07100 - 801n) which I've unlocked and rooted. However I'm having an issue with booting Cyanogenmod, and the boot screen seems to loop endlessly. At my last attempt I left for half an hour. I'm using TWRP to install the ROMs, and doing a cache/dalvik cache clean before attempting a reboot.

The Cyanogenmod website lists many roms (not sure which ones apply to my model) and I've tried two;

Cyanogen HTC One Device List

m7tmo & m7ul.

cm-10.1.3-RC2-m7tmo cm-10.1.3-RC2-m7ul

NB: I'm on T-mobile but T-mobile in the UK.


Go here and follow the steps: Official CyanogenMod thread for HTC One

Download latest version from here: Official CyanogenMod downloads for HTC One

Regarding your problem, getting stuck in a bootloop may mean that you forgot to flash the kernel(boot.img) or didn't flash it properly. Do that again.

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  • Thanks for that, running through official instructions I noticed Cyanogenmod suggest using ClockworkMod-Recovery rather than TWRP. It worked and Cyanogenmod boots without problem. – wonea Sep 22 '13 at 11:24

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