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TL;DR: I need a "Save As" dialogue for downloading files and especially images.

On my Android device, when I download a file from within Chrome it is saved to a default location with the filename it had on the website.

Instead I want to be presented a "Save As" style dialogue that allows me to edit the file name before downloading and (optionally) also to specify a target directory.

I have found e.g. Download Blazer, which should work at least for downloading link targets by abusing the "share link" features of many browsers. Sadly however it doesn't help me too much:

  1. There is no "Share Link" for image files embedded with the <img> tag.
  2. I need to use Chrome and Chrome apparently has no "Share Link". Using copy/paste to bring the urls to a download manager as described on Download Blazer's store page, is not an option either, because I need the clipboard to stay unmodified across several downloads.

Why would I want a "Save As" dialogue?

I need this behaviour to integrate with my workflow for reading webcomics: I want to save favorite pages, sometimes all pages, but want to have them ordered by webcomic. I used to do the ordering after-the-fact when hundreds of images would have accumulated, because doing it everytime I read a webcomic for 10 minutes in the bus was just not possible – I would stop reading when the bus arrived at the target, and just not have the time to sort them right away. Sadly this turned the fun of reading webcomics into something that would cause annoying work later on.

What worked for me on the PC was using a save-as dialogue and renaming the files as I save them. On my iOS device I have bookmarklets that take me to "Documents by Readdle" that provides a browser with "Save As". Downside: If I am viewing something in e.g. the Feedly in-app browser, I have first to switch to chrome and then to Documents in order to download anything in a meaningful way.

Fun fact: The out-of-the-box situation is even worse on iOS than on Android. On Android at least the original file name is preserved; On iOS images saved with "Save Image" go to the photo roll and are named "IMG0032" etc.

Why am I so fixated on Chrome?

Because I rely heavily on the near-instantaneous, end-to-end encrypted synchronization of all browser data, particularily opened tabs, both from desktop to mobile and mobile to desktop. After trying some alternatives, I have found that there is no combination of desktop (Windows), Android and iOS browsers, that implements this functionality with the required efficiency and reliability other than using Chrome on all devices.

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  • So what exactly is your question? We cannot rewrite/alter the app, and app recommendations are off-topic here. The remaining part has been asked already (How do you change the download location for Chrome Browser?), obviously there's no solution. – Izzy Sep 26 '13 at 11:11
  • Chrome is a terrible browser. Dolphin Browser can do sync. – geffchang Sep 26 '13 at 12:46
  • Actually my question goes beyond changing the download location, though I guess if there is no answer to that question there will much less be an answer to my question. – kdb Sep 26 '13 at 14:06
  • As for Dolphin, I tried right now. The synchronization between iPad and Android phone is near instantaneous, which is good. The synchronization to the desktop doesn't seem happen within 10 minutes unless manually forced however. Also there is no indication that they use a zero-knowledge approach to synchronization. It seems to be the best approximation of what I want though so far, so thanks for pointing it out. It tried it before, but then I didn't care about the Android device and only saw slow sync with the desktop. – kdb Sep 26 '13 at 14:40