I've recently bought an HTC Desire and I'm wondering how much traffic some apps generate. I actually want to know two things: how much traffic (estimation, of course) is generated when syncing with gmail/facebook/weather, and how much traffic is generated when I'm online on Skype and when I talk over Skype.

Edit: to clarify, I'm thinking if I should leave some syncing and if I should talk over Skype over 3G, since I have only 1GB per month of traffic.


Just download an app from the Market called PhoneUsage. It will track how many minutes, text messages, and data you use. You can even view a break down of which apps use how much traffic, and it only tracks over 3G, not WiFi.


The sync traffic for gmail/facebook/weather/... is neglectable (If you have normal text messages with small attachments). For Skype voice calls, you should estimate 4-7 KiB/s (~ 25 MiB/h).

Users always underestimate the 1GB included traffic. I had the same thought, that it could get tight at the end of the month. But I forgot that:

  1. At home and at work my phone uses WLAN and therefore doesn't utilize the data plan
  2. 1GB is very much, if you just do some surfing/browsing. (Of course, if you start downloading DVD Images or some kind of torrents, the 1GB will be consumed fast)

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