I am planning to get some NFC tags which I want to use to control some profiles in Tasker. Where in Tasked can I choose NFC tag as my trigger? If that does not exist, how can I turn tasks on and off for free using NFC tags? Any plugins?


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I don't know whether Tasker can meanwhile handle that itself, but it's at least doable with the right plugin. There's e.g. Locale NFC Plugin which could fill this gap. Alternatives exist as well, like a modified version of AnyTag, which is used e.g. in this tutorial.

For more examples, tutorials, and possibilities, I recommend a GoogleFu, ahem, search for "tasker nfc", which brings up a lot of tuts and even Youtube videos explaining different magical things to achieve this way.

  • Yes! Locale NFC Plugin allows me to create a link directly to tasker, this means that it can carry out a task for me. Also it does not require direct writing to the tag which means I can use my Oyster card.
    – Jakub
    Commented Sep 30, 2013 at 18:45

Trigger can, among other things, run Tasker tasks. In any case, it's probably worth while to check out this app if you plan on experimenting with NFC tags.

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