I've got an app that refuses to open according to how I'm holding my phone. So, it makes it uncomfortable to use it so I uninstalled it. I do have auto-rotate on but I guess this app doesn't recognize it. Is there a safe way to get apps that run upside down to work the right way? I can't function without the home button near my left hand.

OS: 4.1 S3


You might try the Ultimate Rotation Control app -- when I tested, I found that it could force any of the apps I tested to rotate. It's a seven day free trial, then requires a license purchase (US$2.99).

It turned out that I didn't really consider the app that inspired me to download this any better when force rotated, so I did not purchase, but your mileage may vary.


I have not tried this myself, but it seems to be possible using the Xposed Framework and its AppSettings Module – provided your device is rooted.

From its announced features:

  • Force orientation (portrait/landscape/auto)
  • Got an Unrooted one. :-( – verve Sep 30 '13 at 1:22

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