Using my ASUS Google Nexus 7, I was trying to make it as Portable Wifi Hotspot. But when I opened my settings --> Wireless&Networks there is option for Tethering and Portable Hotspot. I tried this link. Its an app in Play store to enable Wifi Hotspot. Can someone help me to make this work?


Model Number - Nexus 7 Android Version - 4.2.2 Build Number - JDQ39


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You probably don't have the version that includes a GSM modem.

I guess you want to set up an ad-hoc local wifi network?

The non-GSM variants don't offer tethering options because there's obviously no point in tethering when the device lacks the functionality for a GSM mobile data connection. Alas, some rarer use cases like set up a local wifi accesspoint without internet access or USB-tethering the wifi connection are also not possible then. Only rooted devices or 3rd party firmwares like CyanogenMod offers this.

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