I have been using the stock Android browser for several years and I am trying to make the switch over to Chrome. The one major annoyance I have with Chrome is that the browser doesn't automatically close when I close the last tab like it does in the stock Android browser. This may not seem like a big deal, but I tend to use a lot of apps that open web pages. With the stock Android browser, closing the last web page will auto close the browser and return me back to the app I was using. With Chrome, I have to manually close the browser or manually switch back to the app I was using.

Does anyone know how to make Chrome automatically close down when I close the last tab? If not, is there another good browser that works this way?

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For Dolphin browser, use the phone MENU button and chose EXIT

For Firefox, install the Quit Now add-on and use the new QUIT button in the menu.

For any other TAB browser, close all TABs prior to push BACK in order to exit.

For any persistently running browser, use the task manager to kill it.


I've never been a fan of Chrome. It lacks too many features compared to other browsers.

Anyway, most browsers support tabs and have an x symbol on the tab. Normally, the browsers remain open even if close all tabs. There is always 1 tab that remains open, and it won't close even if you click the x symbol. You'd have to click the back button to close the browser.

Among the browsers I use - about 4 of them - Maxthon behaves differently. It doesn't exactly do what you want, but if you click on the x symbol, it acts as a back button. So if there's only 1 tab open and you press it twice, it will exit the browser.


At least in Chrome 39, it works out of the box. Just click the x close button on the tab and then browser quit.

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