The internet doesn't work on my phone. It worked with my orange sim card and it previously worked with this sim card, the problem seems to have arisen after my number was ported from the orange sim to the vodafone one. Went into vodafone and they tried one of their vodafone sim cards in my phone and the internet works. Theyve given me a new sim card but I still can't access the internet, on my mobile data setting it says "unconnected because the service is unavailble" any ideas as it doesn't seem to be a problem with the phone?

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    Your APN or other settings might be somehow broken. If you look in Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks, is there a field called Data enabled? (And is it checked?). Does the data in Access Point Names match Vodafone's settings for your locale? (If you have trouble finding the data for your country, let us know)
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    Oct 16 '13 at 13:10

I have an Android phone on EE that experienced the same issue, you could try the following steps (below are for Vodafone UK):

  • Tap the Menu button
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Wireless and networks or More... (depending on your version of Android)
  • Tap Mobile Networks
  • Tap Access point names
  • Tap the Menu button
  • Tap New APN
  • Enter the following data into the onscreen form, without changing any other settings;
  • Name - Vodafone Internet
  • APN - internet (PAYG - pp.vodafone.co.uk)
  • Username - web (PAYG - wap)
  • Password - web (PAYG - wap)
  • MMSC - http://mms.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms
  • MMS Proxy -
  • MMS Port - 8799
  • Authentication type - PAP
  • APN type - If given a choice, select internet+mms, if the keyboard appears enter * (As a check, the image below shows blue text in the fields you should have completed)
  • Tap the Menu button
  • Tap Save
  • Enable the newly-added APN by ensuring the line is ticked, or the radio button is lit by tapping on it Check the notification bar for 4G, H, 3G, E or G with up and down arrows beside it, which will indicate your connection is working

These instructions are from http://www.geeksquad.co.uk/articles/vodafone-apn-settings and their EE ones worked for me.

Good luck!


Reset network setting. Call to Vodafone ask for carrier setting install it. Or Find APN for Vodafone. When you activate Vodafone sim, they send you internet setting.

You need active data plan.

You can add using this option. Settings / Wireless Connections / More / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names.

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