I just purchased a GSM unlocked Android phone.

And called into Straight Talk to get the new APN setting.

But, the settings they gave me would not allow me to receive MMS.

The web and testing works fine.

Please help me on which settings to use?


Someone told me to re-configure my phone, will this help?


Try with these settings: http://apn.gishan.net/settings/os_12_11_android_4.4kitkat_internet_and_mms_settings_for_straight_talk.php

Should work. Sorry. Site does not allow me to copy the settings. How ever if you cannot receive MMS that should be a data problem. Please check you can access data properly. MMS APN is only for sending MMS. Do you receive MMS notification at least?

  • When that link stops working, this answer has no value. Please don't make future readers go to some other site to get the information they need. – ale Apr 20 '14 at 20:22

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