When I run root debug FS, I get this error on part one:

enter image description here

On part two:

enter image description here

After that:

enter image description here

When I hit no:

enter image description here

I've followed all the instructions (debugging, unknown sources, drivers, etc) and it doesn't work.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Stellar (4.1.2 jb, Model # SCH-I200, baseband I200VRBME1). What's wrong?

  • It failed already in step 1, so the other steps missed the base to operate on (they require those 3 files to be there). Without a closer look at the script, it's hard to say what went wrong there: /data/local is usualy world read- and writeable. I'd contact the author of the script with that; it's hard to solve that here on a Q&A site. – Izzy Oct 20 '13 at 0:38

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