I'm running MIUI 3.9.27 on my HTC Desire S.

I accidentally froze my miui launcher (com.miui.home) and after reboot, phone stuck on boot animation, but seems everything running except miuiHome.

I know that for defrosting app from adb I should run adb shell pm enable com.miui.home but it'd say Killed and nothing happen. I read somewhere that I should run it as superuser but when I run su adb wait for phone root access approval, and since phone stucked on boot animation I couldn't approve root access.

Is there anyway to access superuser without approving it from phone? or doing pm from recovery?

P.S: I think if I could push LBE Guard data (that adb root access has been granted and remembered) into /data/data it may work but I don't know how I could do this

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