I have a HTC ONE Google Edition on 4.3. I was in the middle of transferring some files to my phone over USB when Windows 8 locked up and stopped responding. Once I re-plugged my phone into the computer, the battery indicator is charging, but the USB connection never happens.

I've rebooted both the PC and the Phone. I factory reset the phone. I plugged the phone into another windows PC and then my Linux box. On the windows boxes, I get absolutely nothing -- no complaint of bad drivers. Nothing in device manager.

In all cases, same thing. A charge, but no connection. Linux shows nothing on a lsusb command. adb devices returns nothing as well.

Ideas? Thoughts? Help? I'm fearful the USB connection in the phone went bad somehow. Not sure how to debug the phone itself... As I cannot get to it's drive.

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Probably this is not your case, but I've found an HTC ONE S with similar behavior (no USB sign of life, even in dmesg and lsusb) and the problem was the cable. It was like an USB cable but it was not a USB cable, only a power cable!

All the four pins were there but only two of them were connected, and instead of the USB logo it just had a lightning logo on both ends.

Now the question is: why does such a cable exist? How much can be saved not connecting the two data pins of a USB cable? 1 µ$ per cable?


There are "charging only" USB cables. Sounds like you might have one of those.

Also, try plugging into a different USB port. Sometime on Windows, this will re-initialize the drivers.

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