I have a porn problem and I want to either disable the ability to do hard or master resets on the Samsung Galaxy phone (the only way to get by certain site blockers of which I have setup an undecipherable password), or simply block all internet access on the phone while still allowing calls to be made. How can this be done so that I will never again be tempted to view obscene material?

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    I doubt blocking resets can be done. And even if you could block internet access probably a reset would enable it. If your habit is affecting your day-to-day life you don't need a technical solution, you need to talk to a professional. – Peanut Oct 25 '13 at 1:38

1.You can install one of parental control apps and ask your friend to set password for you (if you are ashamed you can tell that this is e.g. for your son or sister...).

2.If you have rooted phone that topic is for you ! Made this application as the system app and then unroot your phone.

I think in your case best solution is using both methods above.

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