It looks like that one bookmark instance can only exist on one of Chrome folders. Such that when I want to visit a site from both my phone and my laptop, I always have to change my bookmark folder back and forth depend on where I stored that bookmark page.

Can I bookmark a page and view it on both mobile folder and desktop folder?

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Use slightly different URLs as bookmarks (e.g. add &dummy=1 at the end of one of them) so that they are "different bookmarks".


Yes, you can, but you have to synchronize Google Chrome with Google Account. You can change synchronization interval, etc., etc., in device settings (Accounts). How to force make bookmarks synchronization, you can read here.

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    I have syned my account on both Desktop and Mobile, but I think it is exactly the synchronization that caused the issue because one instance of bookmark can only exist in either mobile folder or desktop folder. If I bookmark this page on Chrome Desktop, then bookmark this page again on mobile bookmark. This page disappears from the Desktop bookmark.
    – ssgao
    Commented Nov 1, 2013 at 3:22

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