I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 with a I337UCUAMF3 baseband. How do I either root it and unlock the bootloader or install a mod? Alternately, can I change it back to a previous baseband and unlock the bootloader?

  • As you correctly used the rooting tag, have you followed up to our rooting index via its tag-wiki? There you can find e.g.: Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 and Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9195. – Izzy Oct 26 '13 at 18:31
  • @Izzy It's SGH-I337, not SCH-I545. And definitely not a Mini ;) – user43998 Oct 26 '13 at 18:43
  • Good you say so! Mind to edit your question and include that, before anyone gets the idea your question might be a duplicate to one of those? ;) – Izzy Oct 26 '13 at 19:03

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