I own a Acer BeTouch E130 upgraded to Android 2.1 (official upgrade).

And I'm facing issues with it, I'm basically from Belgium but I work in France currently therefor everyday I spend time in both France and Belgium. When I reach France, my phone selects a French network operator... okay sounds correct.

But now when I get home it doesn't switch to my operation (called Mobistar) it keep showing the French one (Orange F). Yesterday, while I was home in Brussels, I went to the network op settings and manually selected Mobistar in the list... It kept showing Orange F.... Is this a bug ? the french operator isn't even available in Belgium so it's impossible to connect to... And the weirdest thing, when I'm in France data sync can't be done because I disabled roaming... What the hell?

Any guess?

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This previous question How to force network operator selection once and for all? suggests that an app called APN Lock should allow you to lock your network to the correct one. You'd need to change the settings on it to change which network it locks to whenever you move between the countries, but hopefully you're not doing that every day?

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