I have an HTC from Sprint and today the text photos changed. There was an option to choose Photo or Gallery and I chose Photo "all the time" and now when I click on a message photo is does not open. It just says Media not Found. How can I undo this??

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    First: What are "text photos"? Where did you chose "photo or gallery"? And what HTC device is it? Could you pleae edit your question and add those details? Otherwise it's hard for us to help you, as we cannot see what your issue is about.
    – Izzy
    Nov 3, 2013 at 10:18

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There are multiple options:

  • The very extreme: Uninstalling Google+ as described by Miguel's answer. This will work because the new "Photos" app is part of Google+; an uninstalled app can no longer be the default one.
  • Installing another gallery app (there are plenty of nice alternatives available, like e.g. QuickPic). As this introduces an additional option, the system will ask you again which app to use.
  • Go to Settings→Apps, switch to the "All" tab. Scroll to the Photos app (if not found, try the Google+ App), open its entry, and "clear defaults". No additional install/uninstall required, this will simply "undo" your action as requested.
  • Take a look at Default App Manager, which allows you the same in a more convenient way (e.g. much easier when you don't know which app holds the default).

I uninstalled google+ from my phone, and it fixed the problem.


Was having same problem opening pictures attached to text message: Media Not Found and/or Google+ has stopped working. Removing the updates solved the problem.

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