I accidentally deleted my app store and cant figure out how to get it back or open it again. I've read that I should do a factory reset. What will I lose if I do that? Im worried about my pictures.

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A generic answer can be found in the tag-wiki. Basically, it "empties" the /cache and /data partitions of your device, so all the apps you've installed and all your apps' data will be gone for good. This does not necessarily apply to data on your SDcard: while some devices/ROMs offer to "wipe" those along, this is not done in most cases (in my experience) – and when it's done then usually only when the user explicitly specified to do so.

Now for your specific problem: If you really deleted your app store, a factory-reset won't bring it back: gone is gone. If you're unsure on what made it disappear, and your device is not rooted, it's unlikely you've really deleted it; you might rather just have disabled it. So while a factory-reset in that case would bring it back, so would an atomics bomb kill a fly. Before you go to factory-reset your device, try the following:

  1. Go to Settings→Apps
  2. To be on the safe side, select the "All Apps" tab
  3. Scroll to the very end of the list. On some devices/ROMs disabled apps end up there, and on all devices/ROMs I've seen disabled apps are marked "disabled". See if your app store is there.
    • If it's there: tap the entry to open it, push the "enable" button
    • If it's not there, scroll through the entire list: it might be ordered alphabetically or by some other criteria, and have the "disabled apps" mixed in. When found: see previous item (open, enable, done)

If you didn't succeed with those steps, you still can try a .

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