I have a Nexus 4, and have tried - and failed - to transfer some music downloads (FLAC 16bit) from my Windows 7 computer.

When I connect the phone, I can transfer the files and the computer tells me it succeeds, but I can't find any music on my phone. The alleged folder the music should go to is called Internal Storage/Music. Where is this folder on my phone?


With my Nexus 4, that directory - which shows up as Internal Storage in Windows - can be located at a few different places depending on configuration. The places that I know of include...

  • /mnt/shell/0/
  • /mnt/shell/emulated/0/
  • /mnt/sdcard/

    Most of the time, there's a link to this folder (So you don't need to find it) at: (If this works, don't worry about the above directory paths too much)

  • /sdcard/

    This means that you should probably be able to find your music at /sdcard/Music/.

Another note: I don't know if the default music player supports FLAC audio. If it doesn't, then that would explain why it isn't locating the music automatically.


I bet the files are there, but you don't have a music app that will support .flac files, so they don't show up as visible.

I use one of 2 apps: Airdroid, or ES File explorer to transfer files wirelessly. Both of these apps seem to assist in ensuring the files get to the proper place on the OS filesystem.

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