One day, my i9003 froze up, and I tried to reboot it, but it was not possible. I ended up removing the battery and trying to factory restore it in Recovery Mode, but when I reboot it, I got stuck on a boot-loop on the samsung logo.

I tried to install different custom Rom's (like DDL2,XXKPE etc.,) based on the instruction shown in the forums & youtube videos.

After that, I still got the same boot-loop error. However, when I tried flashing with odin Ver.1.85, it had a error like this:


-- Movie)+_check Start..!!
movinand read fail
Movinand Checksum Confirmation Fail
lfs pass open fail

-- movi_checking undone !...

update media, please wait
E:Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1
(No such file or directory)
E:copy_dbdata_media:Can't mount SDCARD:

your storage not prepared yet. please use UI menu for format and reboot actions.
copy default media content failed. --------------------------------->

How can I restore my device and get it working again? My phone is a Galaxy SCL GT i9003 from France (Network with VERGIN).

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