maybe someone recognizes my problem or has had it himself. My problem is as follows:

Normally I turn my phone of over night.

Battery Monday evening 50%, Tuesday morning 23%

Battery Tuesday evening 79%, Wednesday morning 45%

Turned of accelerated start on Wednesday as I read this might help.

Wednesday evening: 64%, Thursday morning 74%

Didn't turn off my phone tonight and the battery lvl stayed the same at 84% tonight.

As this behaviour makes absolutely no sense, I'm not sure wether my battery is going to die soon or whatever else the problem might be.

EDIT: After a week of not turning it off during the night, the battery keeps stable over night (about 5% loss in 7 hours). Only thing worth mentioning: When using Apps, the battery drops faster than normal

  • Edit: Maybe someone can explain it now ;) – banzai86 Nov 14 '13 at 15:34

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