I played ~2h of Netflix on my Nexus 5, on T-Mobile's LTE network early this morning. I had switched off WiFi. After doing so, the data usage screen looks like this (scaled down):

Netflix data usage
Netflix data usage (click for larger image)

Note that the phone reports 2.85GB of data used, with the top user being Netflix at 22.2MB. That's different by two orders of magnitude; and nothing else on the list comes close to making up the difference.

T-Mobile gives a different number still (~1.3GB). The screen notes that may differ. But it confirms that the data did indeed go over T-Mobile.

Why is Android under-reporting the data used by Netflix by two orders of magnitude? Is there some way to get accurate data usage stats (I'm rooted, so root-only solutions are OK).

edit: Checking /proc/net/xt_qtaguid/stats shows Android is reporting on rmnet0 while reality is on clat4. Not really a solution as that file reports since boot only, not a particular time range.

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