How do I get an android media player without going to the google play store ?

I will transfer the media player to the smartphone using bluetooth.

step 1: I download the android media player to my notebook.

step 2: I transfer the android media player to my smartphone.

step 3: I install the android media player on my smartphone.

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  1. On your notebook, look for a FREE app (in your case, a media player) in Google Play.
  2. Copy the link of the app in Google Play.
  3. Paste the link on APK Downloader, and download the APK file to your notebook.
  4. On your phone, make sure you allow external APKs to be installed. On my Samsung Galaxy S4, this is on System settings > More > Security > Unknown sources.
  5. Using bluetooth, transfer the file from your notebook to your phone.
  6. Once download is complete on your phone, look for the APK file and install it.

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