The internal storage path for Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4.1.2 keeps on changing.

  • /mnt/sdcard0/
  • /mnt/sdcard/
  • /storage/sdcard0/
  • /storage/sdcard/

I don't have external card inserted in this phone, but I randomly get the above path locations in Astro file manager app and also the logcat.

My Android application transfers file from from one mobile to another using Wi-Fi Direct. When I transfer from Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to Samsung Galaxy S3, it works well. But the reverse is not happening because it says the file is not available in specific directory even if it exists.

A sample log from logcat:

D/fileUri after substring>>>( 7422): /mnt/sdcard/Download/flash_transfer.apk
D/sender socket fileName>>>( 7422): flash_transfer.apk
E/wifidirectdemo( 7422): /mnt/sdcard/Download/flash_transfer.apk: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

But sometimes it shows /storage/sdcard0. Not sure how it changes frequently due to which file transfer is getting interrupted.

Which is the right path for internal SD card for Android 4.1.2?

  • That's quite strange: /mnt/sdcard0/ and /storage/sdcard0/ (in short: those entries containing sdcard0) should usually apply to the external card AFAIK. Are you sure they should mean the internal one? – Izzy Nov 16 '13 at 11:26
  • ya i mean the internal memory and not the external SDCARD which we fit in...and now it works with /storage/sdcard0/ – SAMBA Nov 17 '13 at 16:51

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